Kare 11 News Minneapolis - Boyd Huppert's Land of 10,000 Stories covers our 9th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party

Kare 11 News Minneapolis - Boyd Huppert's Land of 10,000 Stories came out and covered our

9th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party.  Thank you to our army of volunteers who make this a success every year! We could not do it without you.


click on this link to watch the show -


Kare 11 Warm and Fuzzy news - Boyd Huppert's Land of 10,000 Stories - Watch tonight.

We're not exaggerating when we call Boyd Huppert's latest 'Land of 10,000 Stories' offering warm and fuzzy. Don't miss it, tonight on KARE 11 News at 10.
The above is an excerpt from Kare 11 TV Minneapolis - Facebook page today.
Boyd Huppert and his camera crew came out to "For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party" on Saturday night, October 12, 2013 to cover the story of the event for Boyd's TV segment.  They were at the Blanket Party filming all evening and interviewing those in attendance and of course, guest of honor, Peyton himself!
Thank you to all of you for making the 9th Annual event such a success!
To watch the full coverage on Land of 10,000 Stories please tune in to Kare 11 at 10 PM tonight, Thursday October 17, 2013 - we are excited!

9th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party




On Saturday October 12, 2013 at 6 PM

Transfiguration Lutheran Church 11000 France Ave S, Minneapolis MN.


Join us for an evening of fun and making hand-tied blankets that will be given to charities to wrap those in need with love.

What to Bring?  Fleece, fleece, Scissors, Volunteers and more
Volunteers!  Sewing Skills Not Required!

Fleece needed per blanket - Child Sized = 3 yards (2 pieces @ 1.5 yards each)
Teen/Adult sized = 5 yards ( 2 pieces @ 2.5 yards each)

Please bring family and friends!!! - we have room for over 200 people! Refreshments served!

This is an all volunteer event.  We couldn't do it with out your generous donations and support!

To find out more information go to or email us a



Sweet sisters Kaeli and Lily

Sweet sisters, Kaeli and Lily who have been wrapped in love with fleece blankets lovingly hand-tied by the volunteers "For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party'.


"I have attached a link for you to share with the group, if you’d like. It shares the story of two sisters who both have received services (and a blanket) at Gillette’s. I hope you enjoy your night of blanket making-how marvelous that you devote your time, energy and creativity to such a worthwhile cause! Best of success to you in your special event! Enjoy and Thank you from the bottom of our Gillette Hearts! We are sincerely grateful to each and every one of you! We look forward to hearing from you this fall. I hope to meet one of you when you make your delivery to Gillette’s!"  Nancy Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator, Gillette Children's Speciality Healthcare


Connie's Cookies For Blankets

We'd like to share a story about some of our amazing volunteers, two sisters, Gloria and Connie and their family.

We asked Gloria to tell us about Connie's unique fundraising idea for our "fleece fund" (money we put 100% toward the purchase of fleece, so that on the night of the For the Love of Peyton Blanket party, after you've made the blanket from the fleece you so generously brought, you can help us make even more).

Gloria told us "People have interesting lives - my sister Connie did foster care for a number of years and would get babies directly from the hospital.  The mothers were drug addicts and thus the babies were as well.  The babies would sleep a great deal for the first two weeks and then couldn't sleep due to withdrawal.

They generally arrived with a fleece blanket that she said, even at that age provided a lot of comfort.  She also said that most children arriving would have these fleece blankets they had received when they were removed from their parents, and often that is all they arrived with.


So, my sister knows the value of these blankets.


Connie is nearly blind but she can bake cookies.  She came up with the idea to just take donations for the cookies at the family gathering.  Would you believe she made 70+ dozen!  It was a good project for her and she was grateful to donate to the blanket project, which has meaning to her."

Gloria and Connie, we are also very grateful to you for doing this and to your whole family for getting involved.  Thank you! 

Countdown to For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party - Volunteer For one Day and Wrap in Love - Those in Need

For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party is happening on Saturday, October 12, 2013


We welcome more volunteers every year and we hope that you will join us.

It is only one evening of volunteering and yet the difference your help will make to those in need is huge!

Please head to  to find out how you can help wrap someone in love.

Volunteers in Minneapolis respond to Hurricane Sandy by Donating Blankets


Fall of 2012


There is an amazing group of volunteers who gather annually to make blankets for the "The Love of Peyton" Blanket event in the Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN area. Many of these same volunteers answered a plea for new blankets for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, fall of 2012.


The story begins with a call from my daughter-in-law in New York.


"Do you have any of the blankets not yet distributed from the blanket party?" I heard something in her voice saying "please, I hope so", so I said no but why are you asking?"  She stated there was a desperate need for help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and blankets would be most helpful.


I hung up thinking of how the blankets would "wrap the people in love and warmth" in New York like they have been here.  I did not for a minute think it couldn't be done, as I knew people would respond immediately.  Rather it was a time factor as we had a deadline to meet in exactly three days!


We had to spread the word that new blankets were needed for the Sandy Hurricane victims, purchase boxes, (donated) pack boxes, make arrangements for the transfer of these boxes both to the Minneapolis airport and from the NYC airport to the Sheraton Tribecca hotel, and arrangements made with the American Red Cross to pick up the boxes and distribute them.


It was meant to be.


E-mails went out requesting blankets and the response was immediate.  Within hours blankets were beginning to pile up outside my front door.  A call to Delta Airlines was made explaining the need for transportation for an unknown number of blankets on a flight in three days.  The Delta representative responded immediately saying " I will pay for the transportation myself if it can't be done otherwise."  He called every day giving the latest update and the evening before he called saying "all the details have been worked out and they are expecting the boxes tomorrow."


Meanwhile within one hour after speaking with the manager of the Sheraton Tribecca Hotel explaining the situation, he had arranged for the hotel attendants to watch for the arrival of the van, unload and store the boxes and a pick up from the Red Cross the following day.  Immediately another good Samaritan made arrangements to have a car service pick up and transfer the boxes from the airport to the hotel.  Everything went like clock work and four days after an incredible concerned person requesting blankets for the Sandy hurricane victims over two hundred blankets were picked up and distributed to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


A Red Cross representative asked how this was accomplished in such a few days and why NY.  Simply put, our volunteers for the blanket event here had personally seen what affect receiving a blanket has meant to others in need and we wanted to "wrap others in need in love and warmth" and show them that we cared.


The 8th Annual for the Love of Peyton Blanket Party held October 2012 was a great success.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and those who donated fleece funds,, the 8th Annual For the Love of Peyton Blanket Party held October 2012 held in Minneapolis, Minnesota was a great success.  1229 blankets were lovingly hand tied to wrap those in need in love.  Thank you everyone. This could not happen without you!

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