Volunteers in Minneapolis respond to Hurricane Sandy by Donating Blankets


Fall of 2012


There is an amazing group of volunteers who gather annually to make blankets for the "The Love of Peyton" Blanket event in the Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN area. Many of these same volunteers answered a plea for new blankets for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, fall of 2012.


The story begins with a call from my daughter-in-law in New York.


"Do you have any of the blankets not yet distributed from the blanket party?" I heard something in her voice saying "please, I hope so", so I said no but why are you asking?"  She stated there was a desperate need for help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and blankets would be most helpful.


I hung up thinking of how the blankets would "wrap the people in love and warmth" in New York like they have been here.  I did not for a minute think it couldn't be done, as I knew people would respond immediately.  Rather it was a time factor as we had a deadline to meet in exactly three days!


We had to spread the word that new blankets were needed for the Sandy Hurricane victims, purchase boxes, (donated) pack boxes, make arrangements for the transfer of these boxes both to the Minneapolis airport and from the NYC airport to the Sheraton Tribecca hotel, and arrangements made with the American Red Cross to pick up the boxes and distribute them.


It was meant to be.


E-mails went out requesting blankets and the response was immediate.  Within hours blankets were beginning to pile up outside my front door.  A call to Delta Airlines was made explaining the need for transportation for an unknown number of blankets on a flight in three days.  The Delta representative responded immediately saying " I will pay for the transportation myself if it can't be done otherwise."  He called every day giving the latest update and the evening before he called saying "all the details have been worked out and they are expecting the boxes tomorrow."


Meanwhile within one hour after speaking with the manager of the Sheraton Tribecca Hotel explaining the situation, he had arranged for the hotel attendants to watch for the arrival of the van, unload and store the boxes and a pick up from the Red Cross the following day.  Immediately another good Samaritan made arrangements to have a car service pick up and transfer the boxes from the airport to the hotel.  Everything went like clock work and four days after an incredible concerned person requesting blankets for the Sandy hurricane victims over two hundred blankets were picked up and distributed to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


A Red Cross representative asked how this was accomplished in such a few days and why NY.  Simply put, our volunteers for the blanket event here had personally seen what affect receiving a blanket has meant to others in need and we wanted to "wrap others in need in love and warmth" and show them that we cared.


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